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Title Strip Software

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Do you have a jukebox or collect 45 or 78 rpm records?  If you do try out our JukeBox software.  Easily maintain record information such as artists, songs, cost, value, title strip info, and more.  Design and print your own title strips - get rid of those handwritten strips and restore your jukebox to its original appearance.
 JukeBox Features

WINDOWS 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8

- Print Basket -
put records in the Print Basket and print when you're ready.
  Records stay in the Print Basket until you empty it.
Print strips for 45's or 78's
- Choose just A or B side when printing 78 title strips

- Print on plain paper or preprinted strips
- Two title lines for EP or long titles
- Subtitles and supertitles
- Optional Stars around artist name - you select the graphic
- Use any graphic for background (several included)
- Complete font control - Save Font Sets for easy reuse
- Optional Quotes around title
- Optional Record mfg. and ID printing - select what to display
  in the Mfg/ID line
- Center, left or right alignment of text
- Adjustable text printing area for title strips with graphics at either side.
- Extensive printer setup control - save your printer settings for easy reuse.
- Use any printer you have set up for Windows
- Remember last used printer setting and font set
- Print multiples of one strip
- Record grid shows all fields in use - change the font of the grid.
  View with 1 or 2 lines
- Easy entry with dropdown lookups for artist, label,music style,
  condition and custom fields
- Two Artist names - a File Name for program use and a Title
  Strip Name for title strip printing
- Powerful
View capabilities - save and reuse views
- Turn off fields you don't use - they won't appear on the
  edit/entry screens or reports
- New record default for RPM, style, condition and custom fields
- Search for records on all data fields
- Two custom fields - You name them and use them for any information you want
- Import from existing databases
- Print lists of records - by artist, title and label
- Print Sleeve labels
- Print all records for a single artist
- Copy records for multiples
- Record number - Auto-increment option
- Optional forcing of upper-case characters

- Context sensitive by screen

- Keep artist and titles of records you are looking for.
  Easily transfer to inventory when you get the record

- Save all data to floppy diskettes, ZIP drives or hard drive for safekeeping

- Maintain all pertinent information about your jukebox or jukebox collection

- Quick response to all e-mail queries.

Record Info Preview                                                         Title Strip Samples you can make
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