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Seeburg Black and Gray Box BOOKSeeburg Black and Gray Box BOOK

Seeburg Black and Gray Box Book

Jukeboxes covered: LS3, USC1, USC2, SPS160, SPS2, STD160 , SQS160, STD2, SQD2, STD3, SQD3, STD4, FC1, FC2. For all 160 Selection Seeburgs from 1969-1977. Also: foldout copies of each of the five board schematics, explanations of the power supply, buffer board, scan start board (all of these are located in the Digital Control Center), the DEC (Digital Electronic Consolette), mechanism trip circuit, and a complete stepby- step troubleshooting procedure to find where the problem in your machine lies. New for the 3rd edition is a chapter on the Seeburg Remote Translator (SRT1), an optional accessory used to permit the SC, SCH Consolettes and 3W1-series wallboxes to work with these machines. There is a semiconductor cross-reference guide for all semi-conductors used on all boards plus component and circuit locators  for the boards used inside each box, 178 pages, 131 illustrations.

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