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Place A Classified Ad

Place a Classified ad in the next issue of Always Jukin'' Magazine.
Ad Deadline is the 12th of each month.
1-50 Words = $5
51-100 Words = $10
Above 100 words = 10¢ per word, per ad, per month
BOLD: add $2 per ad.     BOXED: add $2 per ad
During checkout the price shown will be $5 or $10 as most ads fall into those categories. If your ad runs over 100 words you will be charged the $10 + 10¢ for each additional word.
Type the words BOLD or BOXED on the top line if you wish to add them.
There will be a new section in the classified section for PARTS WANTED for those hard to find parts you need to finish your restoration but just can seem to find. Any ads starting with Wanted or Parts Wanted will be placed in that section.
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Place A 1-50 Word Classified Ad
Type your ad here or Copy & Paste

Place A 50-100 Word Classified Ad
Type your ad here or Copy & Paste

Business Card Ad
Business Card Ad for 1 year

Classified ads run in the magazine and are placed on our website for one month.

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